CleanPower Energy Systems develops, builds and maintains large-scale renewable solar and alternative energy projects throughout the United States and Canada
Combining 3 decades of experience in development, construction, solar, finance and management, CleanPower’s team is uniquely positioned for continued success in developing large-scale renewable energy projects.
Solar Farms are literally "farms" for harnessing electricity from the sun.  The size of these projects are rapidly increasing as the profitability of solar continues to soar.
Success on any project requires expert planning, execution and oversight.  There is no substitute for the success and experience CleanPower brings to the entire process.
CleanPower Energy Systems, Inc. • 146 N. San Fernando Blvd., Suite 213
Burbank, California 91502 • Phone: 818.338.6030 • Fax: 818.338.6039

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