CleanPower is all about creating sustainable, ecologically-friendly energy systems for the future

We are passionate about developing green, non-polluting energy systems based on sun, wind and other natural resources. Part of our mission is to significantly reduce our nations’ dependency on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint on the environment. This is good news for today and for the health of our planet for generations to come.

Solar farms are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of converting the nearly endless supply of energy from the sun into electricity. CleanPower Energy Systems is expert in entitlement — the process of finding land, securing the proper rights, and creating the essential infrastructure necessary to make each of its projects a success. CleanPower is partnered with Morrow-Meadows Corporation, a company with a successful track record of creating green power installations for high-profile companies and investors in the U.S and Canada.

CleanPower starts every project by actually engaging the local community in what we’re doing because simply put, clean energy, local independence and a sustainable future are goals with a broad appeal. We find that most people share our vision of a GREEN planet when empowered to contribute.

With a thorough understanding of the entitlement process plus local support, CleanPower is able to mitigate the majority of risk on each project prior to construction. Bringing expert management and oversight together with superior construction skill, not only do we create quality projects but they get done on time and on budget.

Our Investor Philosophy

Quality. Reliability. High returns. These are the pillars that form the foundation for investment opportunities at CleanPower.

Combining proficient project development and financial expertise, we offer a substantial portion of the equity in our projects to investors interested in quality assets with a favorable balance of risk and return.

Management Team

Jeff Butler: Chief Executive Officer
In addition to duties as CEO, Mr. Butler is responsible for raising equity capital and debt financing to support the financing of new company projects. In his 31-year career Mr. Butler has owned and run companies that have completed well in excess of $100 Million in Home Improvement, Construction and Solar Energy projects. He has also pioneered financing strategies that have become common place in today’s home improvement marketplace. One of his contracting businesses was rated as the 2nd fastest growing construction company in the nation in 2005 by Inc. Magazine, and then again in 2007. Mr. Butler attended Willamette University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with majors in Economics, Math and Computer Science.
Dick Talbert: President
Mr. Talbert oversees the development and construction of all of CleanPower’s solar and wind projects. His experience in financing of a multitude of other development projects is utilized in securing equity and debt financing for current solar projects as well. Mr. Talbert has also completed over $100 Million in Development, Home Improvement, Consumer Finance, Construction and Solar Energy over the course of his 34-year career. He pioneered “Green” back in the early 80s, creating one of the largest solar installation companies in the country. Recently, he entitled the first GREEN Gold Level Pre-Certified Shopping Centers in the Palm Springs area. His companies have been listed in Inc. 500 several times, and he has been a member of Who’s Who. Mr. Talbert attended the University of Illinois and majored in Business.
Jeff Talbert: VP Project Development
Mr. Talbert oversees the development and construction of all of CleanPower’s solar and wind projects. He has owned, managed and operated several companies and has overseen construction on as many as 10 separate projects at a time. His 16-year career experience includes real estate development, marketing, management and consulting. He has successfully and strategically procured, constructed and sold Real Estate for the past 10 years. His training in management technology has set him apart as a developer in terms of getting projects completed on time and under budget. Mr. Talbert attended the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA.

Morrow-Meadows Corporation — Our Contracting Partner, Solar and Alternative Energy Division

One of North America’s largest & strongest commercial electrical contracting companies, Morrow-Meadows is a $300M electrical contractor who has built electrical energy projects up to 500 Megawatts and totaling over 5 Gigawatts. Morrow Meadows has partner offices in Canada and is already a leader in Solar Energy construction in the US and Canada.

Their client list is a veritable who’s who of 100’s of major corporations, utilities and institutions, including Amtrak, Bank of America, Chevron, Fox Studios, Kaiser Permanente, LA Dept of Water & Power, Nordstroms, So Cal Edison, Port of Los Angeles, Disney, Walmart, Portland Gas & Electric, Pacific Power & Light and IBM.

A crucial component part of our strategy for dependable maintenance, warranties and reliability over the life of our systems is having long-term, stable partners that are well diversified and not dependent on any one revenue stream to maintain the health of their business over the course of time. With 45 years of experience and diversification and customers in all aspects of electricity, Morrow Meadows provides an abundance of stability and comfort.

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