How we take an idea and turn it into energy

CleanPower’s success is a result of first-rate project development and management. We are committed to successfully develop, design, finance, implement and manage all the phases of each alternative energy project. CleanPower is teamed with solid partners and these close relationships translate to exceptional results.

Site Development and System Design
CleanPower takes on the responsibility of site development, including analyzing the conditions and feasibility of the site. We handle all aspects of due diligence, calculate costs, feasibility and risks. Upon completion of this analysis, we obtain all entitlements, finalize system design and obtain all utility and governmental approvals and contracts.

Project Financing
In addition to site development, our core business includes the financing of high-quality systems. We finance major projects through private and institutional investors. We gather debt and equity capital for individual projects.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction
CleanPower handles all EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) services and responsibilities. Material procurement is facilitated by our affiliation with our contracting partner, Morrow- Meadows Corporation. CleanPower acts as an awarding authority and takes responsibility for the successful implementation of each project.

Project Management
CleanPower undertakes professional supervision of both technical and financial issues for the entire project with unparalleled management oversight.

Contracting Partner: Morrow-Meadows
CleanPower is partnered with one of North America’s largest and strongest commercial electrical contracting companies. Morrow-Meadows Corporation is a $300M electrical contractor who has built electrical energy projects up to 500 Megawatts and totaling over 5 Gigawatts. Morrow-Meadows has partner offices in Canada and is already a leader in Solar Energy construction in the U.S. and Canada. Their client list is a veritable Who’s Who of 100’s of major corporations, utilities and institutions, including Amtrak, Bank of America, Chevron, Fox Studios, Kaiser Permanente, LA Dept of Water & Power, Nordstroms, So. Cal Edison, Port of Los Angeles, Disney, Walmart, Portland Gas & Electric, Pacific Power & Light and IBM.

Dependable Maintenance, Warranties and Reliabilitiy
A crucial component part of our strategy for dependable maintenance, warranties and reliability over the life of our systems is having long-term, stable partners that are well diversified and not dependent on any one revenue stream to maintain the health of their business over the course of time. With 45 years of experience and diversification and customers in all aspects of electricity, Morrow -Meadows provides an abundance of stability and comfort.

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